Immulox Spary 2.5oz

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The key to healthy immunity is to achieve balance.
  • Restores balance to the immune system
  • Stimulates an under-active immune system
  • Calms an overactive immune system
Immune System is responsible for protecting you from harm. When it senses a threat, it works through an intricate system of white blood cells and cytokines to launch an attack.

Nutrition Information 營養資料

Servings Per Package / 每包裝所含食用分量數目 28
Serving Size / 食用分量 4 sprays(2.5ml)
Per Serving 每食用分量
Energy / 能量3kcal
Protein / 蛋白質0g
Total Fat / 總脂肪0.0g
- Saturated Fat / 飽和脂肪0.0g
- Trans Fat / 反式脂肪0g
Total Carbohydrates / 總碳水化合物0.1g
- Dietary Fiber / 膳食纖維0g
- Sugars / 糖0.1g
Sodium / 鈉0.3mg

Colostrum (Bovine Pre-milk) Whey Proline-Rich Polypeptide Extract, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Acidity Regulator (330), Preservatives (E211, E202)

4 sprays twice daily.Spary directly into mouth and swallow