Meet Our Nutrasumma Ambassadors

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Jason Sani

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Nutrasumma’s line is the next best thing to real food. The quality and integrity within the company stand out and make it easy for me to recommend it to all of my clients. They have me covered from performance to digestion and immune support.

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Blair O’neal

Professional Golfer & Model

As a Gluten-free athlete, my nutrition is a major factor that can take my game to the next level. The Nutrasumma line has me covered from daily nutrients for energy all the way to recovery and immune health.

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Amber Dawn Fokken

Fitness Cover Model

get a lot of comments and compliments on my skin- thank you As an athlete who is constantly sweating many of us tend to have a hard time keeping our skin clear. I have been lucky enough to find a product that I LOVE that is helping so much with my beauty regimen. I have been taking nutrasumma Pure Skin which has Pure Alaska fish collagen and natural botanicals/vital nutrients to support healthy skin.